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The figures across all categories – whether talking about the dead, those displaced from their homes or those lacking healthcare and education – are sobering:


Death toll over 150,000

That’s nearly equivalent to the entire population of Geneva, wiped out – of which 10,000 comprise children. The UN gave up trying to keep a tally of the death toll in January 2014.

9 million displaced

That’s half the population inside of Syria.

2.7 million refugees

These refugees are in neighboring countries and are mostly women and children.

Roughly 75% without water

With severely limited access to water and sanitation systems spreading of diseases is high.

60% of hospitals damaged or destroyed

Nearly half of the doctors fleeing the country in fear.

80,000 children suffering from polio

In 1995 this number was close to zero.

Our Projects

SKT Welfare operates a 100% donation policy. Every penny you donate goes to benefit children and poor people around the world. All of our work is carried out by experienced and dedicated volunteers, primarily from professional backgrounds. We do not outsource and take full responsibility for delivering aid. If we choose to partner with any organization in delivering aid, we conduct substantial research before doing so. Even under this arrangement, SKT Welfare maintains full control of delivery of aid.

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