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Our Patron


Shaykh Al-Yaqoubi & SKT Welfare

Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi is one of the most preeminent Islamic scholars in the world today, having been included in the Royal Aal al-Bayt’s publication of the 500 most influential Muslims for two years running. He was one of the first from amongst the ulema to speak out against the use of excessive force against the populace in Syria.

Shaykh al-Yaqoubi, a sufi, jurist and scholar of hadith; was a former instructor at the prestigious Grand Omayyad Mosque in Damascus. He regularly travels the world delivering charismatic speeches and courses in both Arabic and English.

Foreign ministers, dignitaries and political think-tanks from around the globe have sought his advice and guidance.

The Shaykh is vocal in championing the rights of the Syrian people, and continues to call for humanitarian intervention and assistance. In addition, he has participated in several conferences and efforts aimed at propagating a peaceful transition to a stable, post-crisis Syria, which will engender freedom and justice for all, as well as protection for minorities.

SKT Welfare is in regular contact with the Shaykh, who, given his significant following inside Syria, is able to provide ongoing guidance concerning the needs of the Syrian people, thereby assisting our relief efforts on the ground.

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